Measure Accurately = Less Feed Cost

The measure process is relatively direct.  Input – Measure – Update – Report.

If you don’t measure precisely you can’t truly determine your current situation or future needs, purchases, operational opportunities or management direction may be overlooked or unseen.

Improper input leads to inaccurate measures, inaccurate calculations and erroneous reporting.

THORFeed enables easy, quick and provides precise measurements eliminating human error and enabling trusted reporting, analysis dynamic insight into your current situation.

We understand and see your situation.

Challenge #1: Farmers know feed costs are a major expense, likely 50% of total  operating expenses.

Shrink – What’s left at storage

Challenge #2: To add more burden, feed shrink further depletes precious inventories by eroding anywhere from 6% to 30% of feed between the field, storage and delivered to the herd.

Challenge #3: Feed ration programs ATTEMPT to provide some view of usage and remaining feed by calculating amounts used.  Unfortunately, this approach does not consider feed lost during storage, re-positioning, transfer to the TMR, incorrect feed mixtures, feed refusal or events such as weather or technical issues.

Result: Many farmers are unsure of their current feed inventory, AND What and When to restock.  In fact, some farmers buy extra feed when they don’t need to because the measure and forecasting tools have been highly inaccurate.

A New Solution is Needed: An easy-to-use and accurate feed inventory management tool that can:

  • Precisely measure and report current inventories of all feed
  • Calculate current usage rate of feed over multiple time periods: last 2 measures, last 30 days, last 60 days, 90 days, 180 days or last year
  • Given the current usage rate and the accurate inventory; project depletion dates far in advance so that the farmer can better plan and negotiate future feed options.

What If / Then:

Quickly measure using tags

What if: staff could quickly measure at any-time during the month the accurate amount of all their feed classes: silage, hay, grains, supplements and commodities?

Then: farmers could feel confident with their feed inventory and not make ill-informed decisions.

What if: informational dashboards were viewed on a smart device with a summary of each feed class AND every feed storage form? Both views show projected tons remaining and depletion dates given the current usage rates.  Also, farmers want to look at usage rates over different time periods (days, months, quarters, or a year)

Then: farmers can start planning for future feed requirements, knowing they have ample time to consider multiple options and choose the best deals.

What if: reports on all feed Inventory items, financial margin reports and customized reports for financial institutions can be instantly created based upon accurate inventory readings; and each report formatted to be emailed to desired individuals.

Then: farmers will NOT spend hours generating these reports and can feel confident in the accuracy and timeliness.


The New Solution is Here (along with the money-saving benefits):

Use existing smart phones and tablets

is an easy to use, online or offline feed inventory measurement application that can:

  • With smart devices (Windows, iOS & Android), precisely measure and report current inventories of all feed types. Plus, continuously-updated, on-device dashboards of all feed classes and feed forms show projections of tonnage and depletion dates using the desired time periods

Now: farmers feel confident with their feed inventory and will not make ill-informed decisions.
(Money Savings #1 – less unneeded feed is purchased)

  • Provide several options to calculate current usage rate of feed over multiple time periods that include: last 2 feed measures, last 30 days, last 60 days, 90 days, 180 days or last year

Now: farmers will plan future feed requirements, knowing they have ample time to consider multiple options and choose the best deals.
(Money Savings #2 – longer lead times will improve feed negotiation status; resulting in lower cost feed and no high-priced, last minute purchases

  • Continuously-updated on-device reports of current inventory, current inventory with feed cost/margin, a bank-formatted monthly report and internal farm summary reports.

Now: The time spent on building reports can now go to focus on other high priorities.

Report and Analysis

(Money Savings #3 – farm owner and staff hours to gather and create reports will be eliminated)

  • A customized monthly financial institution report which includes:
    • Inventory data from the latest monthly inventory audit,
    • An overview of important findings from the month
    • The above-mentioned reports: total feed inventory, a feed margin report, a summary report for financial institutions (banks, account firms, others)
    • Applicable photos documenting key information gathered during the inventory audit.

This report may be emailed to financial institutions directly or may be edited by the farm staff as needed.

Now: Financial institutions receiving the reports are familiar with the inventory measuring process, analyze the accuracy of the report and are inclined to review the farm loan risk.  In fact, some farmers have been quoted lower interest rates on feed inventory loans when using THOR Feed.
(Money Savings #4 – lower interest rates on feed loans)

Several farmers are currently using THOR Feed and seeing the benefits.

We’d enjoy meeting with you to see how we can help simplify farming and improve your operations.

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