THOR Feed® Verified and Validated

THOR Feed® Daily DM Tons, Inventory and Depletion Accuracy Verified and Validated

Building Trust – Mitigating Risk


ThroughPoint Solutions, a leading supplier of feed inventory solutions, has verified and validated their THOR Feed® software in following key areas:

  • Precise daily feed utilization
  • Accurate current inventory levels for bank audits using feed as collateral for loans
  • Inventory depletion date projections

THOR Feed® provided the following benefits:

  • Better measurement accuracy in usage and remaining inventory; leading toward a feed handling disciple to reduce feed shrink
  • Reduced farm employee time to gather and report information, lowering employee costs while enhancing their productivity
  • Improved communications within the farm operations team, also between farm management and lending institutions
  • Strengthened bargaining power when planning and negotiating additional feed purchases


Pilot dairy farms in southern Arizona have used THOR Feed® and feed formulation programs in parallel verification and validation testing on piles, pits, bags and stacks showing the following:


  1. Dairy Number One’s 5,288 ton sorghum pile (442’x113’) was measured at 15 dry matter (DM) tons per day usage with the feed formulation program, versus 16.4 DM tons per day with THOR Feed®.
  2. Dairy Number Two’s 4,247 ton pile (330’x100’) showed 15.4 DM tons daily utilization with the feed formulation program compared to 16.6 DM tons with THOR Feed®.



The feed formulation software approach required (2) two DM tests per day, performed by dairy staff, feed formulation software inputs, approvals and adjusted feed formula requiring on average (2) two hours per day and over (30) thirty hours per month.


THOR Feed® required only two tag scan or wheel measures weekly OR once monthly requiring on average (10) ten minutes per week and less than (1) one hour per month.  Daily measures were proven redundant, requiring on average (10) minutes per day or (5) hours per month, squandering 4 hours per month.


The farmer and the veterinarian / nutrition specialist immediately confirmed the accurate utilization of feed for daily usage and for future feed purchase planning value.  This farmer has a better view of feed usage as well as working with the dairy staff to improve overall feed management, shrink pre-and post-storage and identified areas to investigate reducing shrink.


“Excited is how I would describe the farmers, employees, nutritionists and veterinarians.  THOR Feed’s accuracy unlocks fast and simple bank inventory reporting, improved equity positioning, employee utilization savings and all from the palm of your hand using your smart phone” said Thor Thomsen, ThroughPoint CEO & Founder.


THOR Feed® provides farmers with better insight to feed usage and future feed purchasing.  Our solution also helps farmers identify areas to reduce feed shrink that will further improve overall farm productivity and profitability.


THOR Feed® may be downloaded at ThroughPoint’s web site (Windows version), iTunes or Google Play.  60 day free trial versions are available.


About THOR Feed & ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc.

THOR Feed® is a risk mitigation and inventory software available in Android®, iOS® and Windows® applications.   THOR Feed is wholly owned by ThroughPoint’ Solutions, Inc.  Our team and system  taps into over 27 years’ experience helping people identify and mitigate risk and build trust.  ThroughPoint Solutions is based in Gilbert, AZ and was founded in 2014.

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*Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc., Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. and Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc., THOR Feed® is a trademark of ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc.


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