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T.H.O.R. Windows App Released


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Gilbert, AZ, August 10, 2016– ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc. announced today their first Windows app T.H.O.R. is launched.  T.H.O.R. is available for Windows and may be downloaded on the iTunes store.  After a successful beta app testing, this all mobile experience offers more assessment and audit capabilities with dynamic reporting.    T.H.O.R. is available for all Windows 10 devices to include computers, phones and tablets.

“T.H.O.R is a dream I have had for over 6 years.  Having the ability conduct an audit or assessment in the palm of your hand is amazingly powerful.  The consistency, instant sharing, and viewing or generating reports on the spot will save hundreds of hours and millions of dollars” said Thor Thomsen, CEO of ThroughPoint Solutions.

Users have photo and scanning abilities, providing higher accuracy and detail.  The app is capable of working online and offline and synchronizes across devices.  The feed inventory capability provided a dynamic dashboard and active tag assignment and scanning.  Farms are auditing feed inventory, governments assessing their food vulnerabilities and companies assessing their OSHA compliance.

Security is very important.  Each user is assigned a unique authentication code per device as well as username and password.  Information is encrypted during transmission and may be secured on the device if the user elects.

About ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc.

T.H.O.R. (Threat, Hazard and Operational Risk) is a risk based platform countering safety, security and terrorism threats.  ThroughPoint’s system taps into over 27 years of career safety, security and counter-terrorism, helping people identify and mitigate risk and build trust.  ThroughPoint Solutions is based in Gilbert, AZ and was founded in 2014.  Learn more about ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc. at www.throughpoint.net

Download a copy of this press release here:  ThroughPoint Solutions Windows App 8 10 2016

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Thor Thomsen at +1 920.915.2192 or email at thor@throughpoint.net.


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