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ThroughPoint provides risk management.  If you have not, you should analyze your organization, supply chain, community and maturity.  You will benefit greatly and though not necessary an immediate return, when crisis hits you will be a hero.  ThroughtPoint works with may standards and best practices.  You should be aware ASIS has and continues developing excellent safety and risk management standards.

ASIS is developing a series of ANSI resilience standards to address the risks of disruptive events. Using a balance of adaptive, proactive, and reactive strategies, these five activities offer a holistic, business-friendly approach to risk and resilience management.

Organizational Resilience:

Security Preparedness and Continuity Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use (2009) – SPC.1 and is adopted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Private Sector Preparedness Program (PS-Prep).  This standards provides a framework for businesses to assess the risks of disruptive events, develop a proactive strategy for prevention, response, and recovery, establish performance criteria, and evaluate opportunities for improvement.

Full description of SPC.1.

Audit Management:

Auditing Management System for Security, Preparedness and Continuity Management with Guidance for Application (2014) – SPC.2.  Audit management emphasizes the importance of audits as a management tool for monitoring and verifying the effective implementation of an organization’s policy refers to the systematic, objective activities performed to evaluate management system performance for security, preparedness, and continuity management.


Organizational Resilience – Maturity Model

The Organizational Resilience Maturity Model—Phased Implementation (2012) – SPC.4.  Organizational resilience describes a maturity model for phased implementation of the ANSI/ASIS Organizational Resilience Standard as a series of steps to help organizations evaluate where they currently are with regard to resilience management and preparedness, set goals for where they want to go, benchmark where they are relative to those goals, and plot a business sensible path forward.

Full description of SPC.4.

Resilience in Supply Chain

Resilience in the Supply Chain (201x) – SPC.3 is under development and should be published soon.  This will complement the ANSI/ASIS Organizational Resilience Standard by providing a framework for evaluating the internal and external context o the organization with regard to its supply chain enabling it to develop comprehensive, balanced strategy reduces the likelihood and consequences of a disruptive event. It also offers auditable criteria to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a disruptive event.

Latest developments.

Community Resilience:

Community Resilience Guidance on Capacity Building and Public-Private Partnerships (201x) – SPC.5 will provide guidance to facilitate capacity sharing to enhance resilience through public-private partnerships between individuals, organizations, and communities. Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act model, it will address community risk and resilience management through capacity identification, assessment, and sharing in order to help communities better prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disruptions.
Latest developments.

ThroughPoint solutions provides risk and risk management services.  ThroughPoint support ASIS International.ASIS International is a global community of security practitioners, each of whom has a role in the protection of assets – people, property, and/or information.  ASIS members represent virtually every industry in the public and private sectors, and organizations of all sizes. From entry-level managers to CSOs to CEOs, from security veterans to consultants and those transitioning from law enforcement or the military, the ASIS community is global and diverse.

No other organization possesses the vast array of knowledge, expertise, and experience.

This means ThroughPoint can bring the correct professionals and complete the work!


About THOR Feed & ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc.

THOR Feed® is a risk mitigation and inventory software available in Android®, iOS® and Windows® applications.   THOR Feed is wholly owned by ThroughPoint’ Solutions, Inc.  Our team and system  taps into over 27 years’ experience helping people identify and mitigate risk and build trust.  ThroughPoint Solutions is based in Gilbert, AZ and was founded in 2014.

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