Dendrites and DaTags®

Is It Real Or Fake?


Introducing the DaTag®.

What’s a DaTag® you ask?  It’s a dendrite.  A naturally grown highly unique object developed by Idendrix.  More precisely, a dendrite is a unique and irreproducible 3D technology applied to unlimited substrates of any size at infinite resolution levels which support applications in physical access security; anti-counterfeiting of currency, identification verification documents, and consumer goods; data encryption, inventory management/control, and others.  Or in one word… DaTag® .

Idendrix has developed and patented a process to control the growth of naturally occurringstochastic patterns found commonly as blemishes during the battery manufacturing process. The result is a generally circular, three dimensional, and mathematically unique (1060) dendrite which can be used to individuate any item upon which it is grown.

Currently, Idendrix is creating ~3mm dendrites from copper on laboratory filter paper, however, the nature of the process can utilize almost any source on almost any substrate at any size. Idendrix has developed a device to manually create multiple dendrites.

The stochastic nature of the electrodeposition process leads to randomlybranched and randomly-faceted patterns each time a dendrite is grown on a new region of an ion conducting medium. These “dendritic fingerprints” can be used to generate unique identifiers for objects and random codes for data encryption. The device structure required to create these patterns is extremely simple and the materials involved can be placed on a variety of substrates, including pliable materials for roll-to-roll processing.

This amazing little dendrite could be grown on or transferred onto many objects.  Potential uses include asset tagging, document security, physical access security, identification, anti-counterfeit measures, and more. Original thoughts included consumer goods protection (high value retail, produce, pharmaceuticals, etc.), building/perimeter access badges, currency, pass-ports, driver’s licenses, inventory control, high value asset management, and many others.

ThroughPoint Solutions has teamed with Idendrix in developing the first dendrite reader.  The challenges involved taking the 3D object, developing a 2D representation and or create software which can recognize, register and then quickly read a dendrite.  This would be no easy task as each dendrite could contain over 1 million unique points.  This complexity however makes the dendrite a wonderful security tool.

The current project is expected to last 3-9 months.  During this time Idendrix and ThroughPoint will work with their existing customers and other entities, seeking a pilot project.  Both our goal is to mitigate risk and build trust between producers and customers.


About THOR Feed & ThroughPoint Solutions, Inc.

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